The Rise of CTV - The Future of Television Consumption

Traditional TV advertising is often referred to as linear television. When we think back to our youth, we had only a few channels such as NBC, ABC, CBS, and a bit of public television. People used to rely on a TV guide to find out when and on which channel their favorite shows would air. But with the advancement of technology, things have changed. Now, we have something called OTT, which stands for “over the top.” This includes various forms of media consumption such as CTV (connected TV), digital device streaming, and audio streaming.

CTV refers to the television hanging in your family room, living room, or game room. Instead of watching traditional cable TV, people are now more inclined towards streaming content. In 2023, streaming became the number one way people consume television content, and this trend is rapidly growing. Today, over 90 percent of households have a connected TV device.

When you buy a new TV from Walmart, Best Buy, or Amazon, it usually comes pre-equipped with systems like Fire TV or Roku for streaming. This shift reflects our society’s preference for on-demand content — whether it’s TV shows or music. CTV has become the primary way for consumers to access television content.

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