The Impact of Performance MAX on VLAs

In the fast-paced world of digital advertising, staying on top of trends and making the most out of available tools is critical for success. Being mindful of how fast these tools can change is particularly true for automotive dealerships, as the landscape of dealership marketing is continually evolving. Google’s Vehicle Ads have emerged as one of the highest-converting digital ad types.

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Transparency Is Crucial

The allure of increased ad budgets can often mask the real intent: more money for the vendor, not necessarily more value for the dealer. Our flat-rate structure defies this norm, ensuring that when a dealer commits to a $40,000 budget, they receive total value, devoid of hidden costs. It’s an open secret in the industry that while some clicks cost a dealer dollars, the actual acquisition cost might be mere cents. Acknowledging disparity

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When You Inspect

Shean Kirin’s experience sheds light on the often-overlooked details that can make or break an advertising strategy. His commitment to transparency ensures that dealers are aware of such nuances, reinforcing trust and accountability in automotive marketing. Dealer Alchemist prides itself on such meticulous attention to detail, ensuring clients receive the utmost value from their campaigns. This approach not only enhances the efficacy of advertising efforts but also solidifies Dealer Alchemist’s rank as a top emergent

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When The Vendor Tells You…

In the competitive automotive advertising space, Sean Kirin, CEO of Dealer Alchemist, highlights the need for critical evaluation of display campaigns. He points out that a low cost per click (CPC) does not necessarily guarantee the success of these campaigns. Display ads, while useful for brand visibility, often fall short in converting viewers into buyers, with only a small number of campaigns actually proving effective.

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Wouldn’t You Rather Know?

Shean Kirin, CEO of Dealer Alchemist, recalls a memorable encounter with a dealer undergoing an advertising inspection. Surprisingly, the dealer’s small, obscure agency had set up an impressively bulletproof campaign. Kirin was struck by the meticulous search and social setups, the billing transparency, and the overall efficiency of the campaign, leading him to question the dealer’s need for Dealer Alchemist’s services.

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For Better or Worse

In automotive marketing, transparency is the key to building trust and driving results. Shean Kirin, the CEO of Dealer Alchemist, emphasizes this core principle. Dealer Alchemist stands at the forefront of advertising technology in the automotive sector, with a steadfast commitment to clarity and measurable outcomes.

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35000 Invoice

The $35000 Invoice discussed in this episode with Shean Kirin, CEO of Dealer Alchemist, highlights the significance of profit margins and budget optimization. The narrative that Kirin weaves is one of accountability and precision. He establishes that the fundamental step for any dealership is to authenticate their advertising spend, advocating for a culture of transparency. This approach sets the stage for more sophisticated and fruitful advertising strategies that Dealer Alchemist champions.

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The Car Dealer Hot Button

Gone are the days when simple core metrics would satisfy a dealer’s assessment of their advertising campaigns. Kirin recognizes the importance of providing detailed, campaign-specific data to dealers, ensuring transparency and accountability in their advertising strategies.

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Mastering Google Ads in the Car Business: A Deep Dive with Dealer Alchemist

Mastering Google Ads in the Car Business: A Deep Dive with Dealer Alchemist The Automotive Alchemy podcast recently posted an insightful episode featuring Shean Kirin, CEO of Dealer Alchemist and an expert in Automotive Digital Marketing. The following is a recap of the intriguing discussion, brimming with insights beneficial for those in the car business. The Power of Google Ads in the Car Business The Automotive Alchemy podcast aims to enlighten and equip dealers with

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