Revolutionize Your Pricing Strategy with Price Pulse​.

Unlock Real-Time Inventory and Automated Payments Today.

In the competitive automotive market, accurate and dynamic pricing is key. Dealer Alchemist's Price Pulse platform offers your dealership real-time inventory tracking, automated penny-perfect payments, and customizable financial solutions, helping you stay ahead and convert more leads into loyal customers.

Dynamic Inventory Tracking

Real-Time Updates

Keep your new and used inventory up-to-date with real-time tracking, ensuring your customers always have access to the latest vehicles.

Full Specs and Incentives

Provide comprehensive details, including specs, rebates, and incentives, to attract and retain customer interest.

Automated Penny-Perfect Payments

Precision Calculations

Ensure every payment is calculated down to the last penny, removing guesswork and building customer trust.

Transactional Payments

Use transparent reporting to build trust with stakeholders and make data-backed business decisions.

Customizable Financial Solutions

Tailored to Your Needs

Integrate your dealership’s preferred lenders and customize financial solutions to meet your specific requirements.


Maintain your brand’s integrity with white-labeled solutions that display your accurate attributions.

Robust Analytics and Reporting:

Real-Time Insights

Access robust reporting tools that provide real-time insights, helping you make data-driven decisions.

Comprehensive Data

Track and analyze performance metrics to continuously optimize your pricing strategy.

Budget Transparency?
Dealer Alchemist can help.

Today’s technology makes it feasible for your inventory to be visible to every person in your market at any time they’re looking to purchase.

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